The PASS Application Development VG serves as a hub of free training and information for application developers working with the Microsoft Data Platform, sharing knowledge and techniques, helping fellow community members avoid trials and tribulations.

About Us

Davide Mauri

Director of Software Development & Cloud Infrastructure @ Sensoria, an innovative smart garments and wearable company. After more than 15 year playing with the Microsoft .Net and Data Platform, with a specific focus on High Performance databases, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Data Architectures, he's now applying all his skills to IoT, defining architectures to crunch numbers, create nice user experiences and provide meaningful insights, all leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud.
MVP on Data Platform since 2006 he has a very strong background development and love both the ER model and OO principles. He is also a fan of Agile Methodology and Automation, which he tries to apply everywhere he can, to make sure that "people think, machines do".

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The App Dev Virtual Chapter was started in November 2013 by Gabriel Villa, Jr who grew the chapter to an impressive 15K users. In June 2015 the leadership was passed to Ed Elliott and Justin Dearing, and after that, from Spring 2017 to Davide Mauri who is restarting the chapter to deliver high quality training and guidance for developers who use not only SQL Server, but the entire Microsoft Data Platform. The scope of the VC will be more broad than in the past, in order to keep up with the request of modern times, embracing topics like NoSQL, Machine Learning, DevOPS, Continuous Integration, Streaming Data and all the technologies that Azure offer related to the Data Platform, discussed from a Developer perspective.

Meeting Schedule

The ideal schedule is at least one talk every two months. If you would like to be involved or speak at a meeting please feel free to email me at or contact me via twitter.

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